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R-1 Complete Wheel Set

R-1 Complete Wheel Set

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The complete R-1 wheel set for your Iveco Daily 4x4 2019+ comes with everything you need, ready to be mounted on you expedition vehicle.

It includes:

With the "R-1" DARC developed the first homologated 17 inch rim and tire combination for the Iveco Daily 4x4.

The high-strength aluminum rim in size 17x9.5 R17 ET80 has a weight of 17.5 kg and a load capacity of 2300 kg. It is attached to the original Iveco wheel studs by special nuts. The rim is powder coated in black.

Together with the LAKESEA Tire the "DARC R-1" represents a unique combination for the Iveco Daily 4x4. Compared to the standard wheel, the R-1 offers a noticeable improvement in weight savings, off-road capability, rolling circumference and appearance.

The DARC R-1 is delivered with a vehicle type approval, which allows the new wheel set to be presented at technical inspection (TÜV & MFK) with no issues.

The R-1 wheels are mounted to the stock Iveco wheel bolts with 24x R-1 Lug Nuts which are part of this set. Adjustments to the chassis may be necessary to ensure clearance.

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