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MONO KW DDC Suspension

MONO KW DDC Suspension

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The MONO KW DDC Suspension combines comfort, safety and performance to boost your Iveco Daily 4x4's driving experience to a new level.

The MONO KW DDC Suspension is a semi-active suspension kit that allows independent control of rebound and compression damping of the dampers with its two electrically controlled valves. The electrically controlled valves allow the damper forces to be adjusted over a wide range. This wide spread of damper forces enables safe and comfortable driving on and off road, as well as under different load conditions.

Sock suspensions often represent a compromise between safety and comfort. The MONO KW DDC solves this problem by dynamically adapting the damper forces to the driving situation. This is made possible by detecting the vehicle condition as well as the body and wheel movements with acceleration sensors. The electric valves adjust within milliseconds and allow sensitive control of the suspension based on the two control approaches "Skyhook" and "Groundhook", which take over body and wheel control.

The following suspension modes are preset:
  • Off-Road Comfort
  • On-Road Comfort
  • On-Road Normal
  • On-Road Sport
The suspension becomes progressively firmer from mode 1 to mode 4. The driving mode can be adjusted via the DDC push button.

Scope of delivery:
  • 4x shock absorbers in solid piston design with two proportional valves for independent control of the damper forces in the rebound and compression directions with maximum spread of the damper forces
  • 4x acceleration sensors for recording the individual driving condition of each wheel in relation to the body movement
  • 3x acceleration sensors for recording the body movements
  • 1x DDC ECU / control unit for controlling the eight proportional valves based on the KW control algorithm, control with a cycle of one millisecond
  • 1x vehicle-specific cable set with labeling and predefined cable routing
  • 1x control element / pushbutton for selecting and displaying the driving mode with integrated error display
We are happy to install the suspension kit on your Iveco Daily 4x4 and Iveco Daily 4x4 Van if requested.
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